First Week of Training

So today marks the last day of my first week of officially being enrolled in personally training.  Right now I am so excited and enthused to have this opportunity they could probably make me do burpees for an hour and I wouldn’t complain, I might throw up but I wouldn’t complain.

As I had mentioned before the first few sessions seem to be about realigning, figuring out what my posture is like, and finding out where things need to be fixed, adjusted and strengthened.  I am a fan of stretching and always excited to learn new things about my body’s mechanics so it has been a very interesting week.  It has definitely been a slower start than I had originally envisioned but it definitely started picking up towards the end of the week.  Generally speaking my personality has an insatiable urge to dive into things safety be damned, but I know all of this learning about my body and stretching things out will play into the larger picture I am working at creating.

In other news it happened I gave in and my ”before” photos were taken.  I have no idea why but these types of photos stir up so many emotions in me, mainly nervousness and unpleasantness.  With some words of encouragements from my very fabulous personal trainer Alannah I sucked it up for 5 minutes and stood there in my sports bra and workout pants and got it over with.  I figured go big or go home so as uncomfortable as it made me feel I figured it was best to bare it all to be able to see maximum results in the future.

I just kept reminding myself that in 6 months that belly tire won’t be there and my back will be like back of some Greek goddess.  Even with all the positive encouragement I was showering myself in I still felt so exposed, luckily Alannah was quick about it and it was over before I knew it.

Then came the measurements and the dreaded scale, all necessary evils in my current quest for fitness I know but I find that this “before” step can be such a demoralizing task.  I did my best to be positive about the experience and think about how motivational it will be in 2 months, heck in 4 weeks to check back and see the progress I have made.  I just kept telling myself that this is just a starting point; it is just something to beat.

Sending out some positive vibes to everyone else on their fitness journeys! Happy Saturday! 


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