Sock Holes

After successfully completing two 5k races without incident *knock on wood* my running partner and I were amped to set a new goal for ourselves and get in as many runs as we possibly can before it starts to snow.   The way we figure it we have at least until mid to late November before the weather forces us inside.  So we set our sights on the next logical distance, 10 kilometers.  For me the 10k distance is like the freaking Loch Ness Monster, besides completing one 10k race several years ago it seems almost impossible for me to attain that distance without major pain or injury (enter foot injury and extreme knee pain here).  Although I am a little nervous about acquiring a new injury I figured that seeing how we had been slowly building up our endurance and my foam roller was waiting for me at home to sooth my raging IT band and hip flexors this new goal was completely attainable.

The run started off with my saying “you know if we get tired we don’t have to do the WHOLE run, we can just turn around” and “I am not too sure about this lets just see how we are feeling” and ended when my running buddy triumphantly pointed out that we just had 2 minutes and 29 seconds of running left before we had our 5 minute cool down! I am not saying there weren’t parts of this, what felt like forever, run that I didn’t want to say nuts to the running and stick with the walking (we were running 7 minutes on with a 2 minute walk) but finding out that we had actually almost completed our first run, despite me feeling like giving up was such a huge boost I felt like I could have run for another 20 minutes!  But in all seriousness there is no way my legs could have squeezed out another 20 minutes.

photo (34)

Once finishing off our cool down I hopped on my bike and headed home, which honestly felt like the hardest thing ever, I mean who bikes with cement legs?! Arriving home with a 9.5k run under my belt, cement legs and a freshly burrowed hole in my sock what was a frustrating day had just been painted in rose colouring. It is funny how pushing yourself to new limits help you to focus in on the happier things in life.

Later in the evening I got to work creating some more delicious recipes to share with everyone.  I had some taste testers coming over that evening so it worked out perfectly.  The recipe turned out nicely, there is still a bit of work to be done but I will be sharing something new and delicious later on this week.

Happy Wednesday everyone! The work week is half over and a glorious long weekend is right around the corner! 


2 thoughts on “Sock Holes

  1. I’m so impressed that you’re training for a 10k now, since your 5’s were so successful… after my 10k this spring I did the opposite and never ran for more than 5k on my runs… oops :/ I will stay tuned for your progress and maybe will get inspired (or y’know, it’s the competitive spirit in me)

    • I love running longer distances so I am happy we had decided to up our distance, the distance just really makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Maybe a marathon is in my future haha.

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