The Adventure Begins

So it has started. Yesterday marked my very first day of serious personal training at Epic Fitness. Having spent my day working from home yesterday I was not only excited to do a little workout, I was also super stoked to see people. As convenient as it is to work from home it definitely gets a little lonely considering the only “people” I have to chat with are my cats and they aren’t great conversationalists. But I digress, I headed on over to Epic Fitness to meet up with Alannah for our first official training session, I had worked out with her before but this just felt more serious. It was the beginning of something more long term it wasn’t just a taste of what personal training would be like yesterday was the real thing.

So yesterday the session started off with a quick overview of what I was in for that day. It was explained that for the next couple of sessions it wasn’t going to be quiet as intense as our three trial sessions had been together. We would be focusing more on stretching, making sure things are aligned and basically starting from scratch in some ways. This approach helps to make me less prone to injury and it kind of preps my body for what is in store for it over the next 6 months.

Being a fan of yoga and loving to run getting in a good stretch is always something I am game for. As I have mentioned in the past I have been learning about my new foam roller, mainly for my knee problems, and the next few sessions will teach me other places I can use it besides just my IT band, which will be pretty exciting. Yesterday we focused pretty much on the lower body, getting in a good hip, groin, thigh, calve and butt stretch, and this morning my legs and hips are feeling absolutely amazing. It is kind of that same feeling you would get after visiting your chiropractor for a neck or back realignment, that kind of fluid, lose and comfortable feeling. Considering my running partner and I will be commencing 10k training today I am so happy to have stretched out my legs and hips so well last night.

On top of the stretching I was reminded of the looming before and after shots. I know they are super motivational but I am always just so self-conscious, which is a feeling I am sure most of you can relate to. So I pleaded with Alannah to just give me until Thursday (our next session) so I could have the proper attire to take some decent before photos (sports bra and shorts). Even though I am not stoked on the before photo I want as much of my flub included in the picture so that 6 months from now when I take my after photo I can see maximum change, I mean hey if I am going to be taking these pictures I might as well get the most out of it right?

After the panic of the dreaded “before” photo I was given a journal and some homework. I figured my homework would be writing down everything I eat, and well it does but it also includes a couple of other tasks that I didn’t think would be involved in the process. Things like writing down that make me happy or stressed and how I dealt with it, which I found pretty interesting and it kind of solidified that the next 6 months is actually a journey. It isn’t only about getting into shape it is also about learning to know myself a bit better, which can be a bit of a daunting task. All in all I would say that my first session went well, I am excited to be committed to being in the gym a few days a week, and I am so pumped up to learn new things.

Have you ever embarked on a journey like this, whether it be for fitness or for overall health?



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