Weekend Recap

This weekend seemed to go by so fast despite it being a long weekend for myself. It started off with some house cleaning and tea with a girlfriend followed by finishing off the couch to 5k app with my running buddy. This might not sound like the biggest accomplishment out there but after my knee cap popping out of place it was one of my biggest running rehab moments. It was also the first time the two of us actually finished the running app which in itself was extremely satisfying.

Saturday instead of starting our morning off with some hill training, we both took the day off to relax our legs seeing how we had our Run for the Cure race on Sunday.  After a nice relaxing Saturday afternoon which consisted of lounging around, watching movies and coffee with a girlfriend, I was pumped and ready to go Sunday morning.

This year the Run for the Cure’s route was a bit different than normal.  Although the path itself was the same the starting and finishing points were in another are of town.  The change was nice except for the fact that the overall space at the starting line seemed smaller, that or there were just that many more people participating in the run this year.  Once the race started it took about two minutes to get across the actual starting line but then once we did we were ready to tear it up.

run for the cure collageThe overwhelming number of people made for a slow start to the race but eventually after playing some race frogger the crowd thinned out and we hit our stride.  I had wanted to take some pictures of the wonderful costumes, pink wigs and wings, and all the adorable little kids why by the way were kicking my butt, but unfortunately it was raining and I was way too paranoid to take it out for free of water damage.

Once the race was done we headed out for some celebratory brunch to warm up and congratulate ourselves for sticking to our training for the past two months.  Although our time  wasn’t what we had hoped for we did still manage to shave two minutes off of our time from last year coming in at 32 minutes.  We had both wanted it to be 30 minutes or less (and while training we were consistently achieving this) I think 32 minutes in the cold rain surrounded by a minimum of 10 thousand people was a pretty great time!

The rest of my weekend was pretty standard ending with my weekly visit to the farmers market, and then hibernating for the rest of the day due to rain.

I hope everyone had a glorious weekend! Happy Monday. 


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