It’s Good! Measuring Goals

It is almost that time of the year…you know that time of year when the Run for the Cure (If you want to sponsor myself or our team go on and click the link) rolls around.  As I have explained briefly in the past, for the past four years my girlfriend Susan and I participate in the run for the cure.  For us it is an awesome way to raise money and awareness for lady cancers (and cancer in general) and it gives us a regular race to check out our yearly progress.

CIBC-run-for-cureI seriously enjoy this run because well it is for a good cause, and it gives me a goal something to work towards.  Yes, it is only 5k, but the way I figure it shorter races are a great excuse to start working on improving your time.  I am by no means a professional runner, I would fall more into the running enthusiast category, so using a 5k to gauge my time improvement works out amazing for me.  Each year without fail Susan and I shave a minute or two off of our time, so this year we are pretty stoked to get out there and run our little butts off for the cure.
motivationHaving this yearly goal helps me to stick to my smaller personal goals of keeping moving 4 days a week.  Having a yearly race helps me to achieve a new PR every year, and it motivates me to keep up with a regular training routine.  This year’s race means a bit more to me because it has helped to keep me training and positive even after several injuries and missed races and it has definitely motivated me to keep on the path of health and fitness because I am not only running for myself but I am running for a good cause.

Are there charitable activities you take part in that keep you motivated to be healthy and fit in your life?

Happy Wednesday everyone, the week is half over!


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