Weekend Art and Colourful Runs

This past weekend was amazing! One of those busy weekends that you just don’t want to end.

The weekend started off bright and early on Saturday with the colour vibe run. Which despite being horribly unorganized and the race package not containing items which the website had promised the run itself was loads of fun.
run collage

My girlfriend Rachelle and her husband Jeff came out to support myself and my running buddy, which was completely amazing considering it was cold windy and raining and I probably wouldn’t have been outside if I wasn’t running. They were seriously troopers, who also somehow became colour volunteers, getting to throw handfuls of dyed powder at participants as they ran through the “colour zones”. Rachelle graciously took photos of my running partner Susan and myself so we could remember the event. So a huge thank you for the amazing running photos.
colour runAfter the race and getting off some of the caked on colour, the orange and yellow were impossible, thank goodness I didn’t get those colours on my face, it was time to get the day started as my husband and I had some birthday celebrations to partake in. It was a nice intimate wine and cheese, if you ask me it was the perfect way to celebrate a good friend’s birth. Then it was time for some artistic exploration of the city.
nuit blancheThis year marked Ottawa’s first ever Nuit Blanche. With art set up all throughout the Hintonburg and Byward Market areas of the city this festival brightened up a chilly fall evening with beautiful art, lights and performances. It was a very interesting time and fun time and a nice way to spice up the weekend.

I hope any of you in the Ottawa area had an opportunity to check out Nuit Blanche.

Happy Monday and I hope you all had an awesome weekend!!!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Art and Colourful Runs

  1. looks fun! will keep it in mind for next year although if the army run is the day after (like this year), i will definitely do that! now that was an inspiring run!! sean did the half and i watched 🙂

    • On my way to get my Run for the Cure package I saw the Army run people, it looked awesome! Huge crowds it was great.
      Also I would strongly recommend against doing a Color Vibe race it was extremely unorganized. But there is the Colour Run, and The Rad Run that seem to be very organized and they are the same type of race so I would recommend them over Color Vibe

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