Personal Training Wrap Up

So yesterday marked the last day of my free personal training sessions and it was one heck of a sad day.  I really enjoyed all three of my sessions, and my personal trainer is a complete blast.  Our personalities fit really well together, so thanks to whoever paired us up!!! Here is a picture of us in front of one of the two giant tires in the gym.
photo (32)
Yesterday being the day before my 5k colour run race (more information on this later in the weekend round up), I wasn’t too interested in working out my legs seeing how that could make competing in a race, even a fun one, super challenging.  So instead we did some more arms and back (pulling and pushing as it was explained to me) and then some ab work, upon my request and yes, I regretted this immediately.    Today my abs, back and arms are screaming, in the best way possible.

With my sessions coming to an end I was totally bummed out, thinking of different ways I could scrounge together enough money to keep up with the sessions, but no matter how I slice it, I don’t think it is something I could responsibly afford at least a for the next couple of months, and even then living would be tight, but it is something to think about for sure.
PlyoBox_2Now for the fun item of the training session…having seen several videos of people doing insane 5 feet tall box jumps I have been wanting to try the out. Even though they are terrifying.  There is something about jumping up even just 2 feet off the ground onto a box that makes me think I am going to bail and lose all of my teeth, dramatic I know, but I am pretty clumsy.  Besides them being pretty scary, they were incredibly fun, challenging, and once again super fun!

What fun exercise have you tried out?
Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday!!


4 thoughts on “Personal Training Wrap Up

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  2. Awesome posts Brittany! So glad you had a great time and it’s obvious in your post that you learned and retained a lot of what we did in the three sessions! Keep on rocking you tank!! 😉

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