Personal Butt Kicking Session – Round 2

So yesterday was round two of my 3 personal trainer seasons and I am sad that it is passing by so quickly. The sessions are an hour long and are a constant go go go, which is completely amazing. I mean rests are given when they are needed but only long enough for a sip of water and catching your breath.

Yesterday we worked on arms, using some free weights and some pully type equipment. Now it is important to understand that I probably have some of the weakest arms around so it was pretty awesome to get a kickbutt arm workout done with a professional to learn proper form and some exercises that I can use later.

My legs are still sore from Monday (which is awesome and sad, I seriously have to work out my butt region more often) so some of the warmup was brutal, but in a good way. It allowed me to do some dynamic stretching to help loosen up some pretty tight legs, while getting me to sweat. I think skipping ropes are my new favorite thing.

Out of all the moves I did the most fun and the most unconventional (for me) was this football deal pushing thing, after some research I found out it is called a push pull trainer (not so creative).

My trainer placed some weight (25kg) on the middle bar, for my first attempt at pushing this deal. I ran across the gym pushing it on the high bar, then jumped to the other side to shove it back from the low bar. I could feel pretty much every muscle down my back, in my arms and legs just giving it everything they had. It was funny how a slight change in body angle can make you feel the same movement in such a different way.

After running back and forth once it was declared that I was a “tank” and another 25kg was placed on for round two. It was probably a good thing I had no idea how much weight she was putting on, and only saw weight discs, because it would have definitely psyched me out. Either way this was so so so much fun, if any of you ever have the chance to push this contraption I strongly recommend jumping at the opportunity!

With only one session left I am definitely starting to get a little bummed out, and trying to figure out how I could swing paying for regular sessions. I love my personal trainer (Alannah) she is seriously the greatest, she is super motivational and tough it is a perfect combination. The atmosphere at the gym itself is also amazing, all of the trainers chat with each other, and they all seem to push their clients to their max which is always encouraging to see.

With one super fun exciting thing ending for now, I have something else to look forward to. This Saturday is my first Colour run!!! I am so excited, although the organizers of the Ottawa Colour Vibe Run have been less than organized, I am still excited for a fun, colour filled 5km run! One of my lovely and very talented girlfriends has graciously agreed to wake up super early on a Saturday to come and take some pictures of the group of us running. I can’t wait to share some fun photos with all of you!

Have you ever tried personal training? How was your experience?

Have a great Thursday!


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