Checking up on Goals

I realize I have been pretty awful at keeping track and providing updates on my challenges.  For the most part the spirit of the challenges is still alive and well.  In regards to actually accomplishing my goals that were listed out, that is a whole other bucket of fish.

I have mentioned my setbacks (knee issues, blisters, foot thing) but all of these tiny little things got my mind off of my original set of goals, to be honest I don’t even remember what they were besides they had something to do with fitness.  To keep myself on the fitness train I have been focusing on my up coming 5k races at the end of September, so I am happy to still be moving but feeling like I should get refocused on where I had started out.

Fitness Collage So…here they are, my original challenge goals with some comments on my progression:

  1. Blog 2-3 days a weekfor the most part I am on top of this! It has become a habit which is nice so I feel like it can be replaced with a new challenge.
  2. 5am workoutslet’s be honest here…this didn’t happen all summer long, but I have been working out a minimum of 4 days a week, although swimming just wasn’t a part of it, neither was the gym seeing it was summer most if not all of my exercise happened outside.
  3. Limit drinking to 2 days a weekI rocked this challenge, it isn’t hard to abstain from drinking when you know you have to run 5k the next day, or jump around like a crazy person  busting a move with Insanity and Shaun T.
  4. Yoga 2x a weekunfortunately this hasn’t been happening, but I have been pretty religious about my Wednesday afternoon yoga, so I have been getting a minimum of 1 day a week, but this is coming to an end so I will have to start making more of an effort to get to a yoga studio or pop in a DVD. 
  5. Eating cleanI have been pretty good at this, and give most of the credit to the wonderful farmers market, with all the great produce out there it is hard to not eat clean.

Clean Eats CollageThe question of “how do I improve” or “step it up a notch” is always at the back of my mind.  First off I think that I have to take a minute to pat myself on the back.  Because overall I have done a pretty bang up job of staying on track of my goals and keeping relatively fit this summer.  Secondly, I need to set some new parameters.

New Goals for the Up-Coming Months:

  1. Seeing how I am already working out 4 days a week I would like to continue this, and gradually bring it up to 5-6 days a week.
  2. Starting October 1st I would like to restart the Insanity challenge I will do this in the morning to get myself ready to be going to the gym for 5am again.  I always find working out at home in the mornings more painful than actually getting myself to the gym.  But no pain no glory right?
  3. Once Insanity is completed, I will restart my 5am gym visits, and start focusing on some weight training! (exciting)
  4.  Come November 1st I will begin committing to a minimum of 3 yoga sessions a week. Preferably these will take place in a yoga studio, I find I am more present when I am at a studio and out of the house.

This time around I will do my best to provide frequent, if not weekly,  goal updates in order to not only keep me accountable this time around, but to help motivate me and hopefully someone else into keep up with their health and fitness goals.

With fall starting it is always a good idea to look at some things you would like do in order to test your abilities and limitations or even just something you would like to be more involved in over the upcoming winter.  I always find that starting a health/fitness plan before the winter hits makes it a bit easier to keep yourself motivated during the awfully cold and dark months, it also helps to keep your spirits up during this time.

Are any of you trying something new this fall?  What keeps you motivated?
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!


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