Professional Melt down

So yesterday was the day. Started out like any other Monday painful morning wake up, long work day, fun run around the arboretum (it is so nice out we can still wear shorts and tank tops) and then it was time for my session at Epic Fitness.


I arrived WAY early, as is my habit, hung out in the car for a bit on my cell phone and then made it on over to the gym. As mentioned before, I believe, this gym isn’t like most there isn’t a lot of stationary equipment and there are loads of free weights and cross fit type equipment, so excited and nervous to get started my trainer walked me through her plan and what we would be attacking.

About two minutes into the warm up I was grateful that my running buddy and I switched up our run days so I wouldn’t be doubling up again this week. The warm up wasn’t the same old “run on a treadmill for 10minutes” it was a combination of running forward and backwards, moving squats, lunges and a bunch of other traveling exercises, it was a nice change of pace and was definitely effective, I started sweating within minutes.

Having warmed up a bit it was time for my assessment. Most of it was what I had expected to hear, I have a super weak butt so my knees cave in when doing single leg squats, I don’t complete the full movement when it comes to a lung because of concern over my knee, etc.  The lunge business the trainer fixed about halfway through the session when I had to do them again, and I don’t know if I am happy or sad that I now know how to completely them properly.  Besides the information that I had expected to hear, I was delightfully surprised and proud to hear that I have perfect push up form. I might only be able to do 10 of them but they are perfect. As silly as something as that sounds to be proud of I was so excited to hear!

After warming up, and having my assessment done we jumped right into the full out workout, which had been planned around “locomotion”.  The gym being all about function training they have a couple of pillars (locomotion, rotation, and two others that I can’t remember right now).  Locomotion was basically about moving so that I wasn’t engaging only one plain of movement, like running does.  There was a lot of up down, side to side and some twisting.  The moves were super challenging, and were awesome for my butt, hips and will eventually be extremely beneficial for my knees.

Then came the glory and pain of the foam roller.  As I have mentioned purchasing a foam roller has changed my life.  It has seriously helped reduce some major IT band pain, and has helped with my knees in generally.  When looking it up online there are multiple different views on how a foam roller should be used, so yesterday I was excited for my professional tutorial.  We did hips (which I hadn’t really been able to figure out at home) and butt.  Firstly, I learnt that you hold the roller in a tender spot for about 1 minute in order to relax the muscle and then using small movements you look for another tender area to release.  The personal trainer did not advocate rolling everything out, but rather holding it in one spot for a minute at a time in order to help release tight deep muscles.  Today my hips are feeling incredible! I mean my muscles are sore from the workout but I relish that pain.

Have you tried anything new lately?
Hope you are having a great Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Professional Melt down

  1. I have always been really interested in what happens at ‘personal training’ sessions, and I think the fact that your session introduced you to a new way of warming up & doing all these different kinds of ‘functions’ (cool!) just goes to show that you’re with a trainer who isn’t about bulking up but learning about what’s best for your body – it’s like gymXyoga! lol.
    I can’t really compare to your experience with a trainer, but i does remind me of being on-the-water rowing, and having a coach notice if my wrist is ‘engaged’ or my shoulders are ‘tense’, so impressive that they can notice small things like that!
    And kudos to having perfect push-ups, maybe you can give me some pointers!!

    • It is definitely different working with someone that knows their stuff through and through. And I think it is great to have someone give you checks and look out for your form and safety!
      Maybe one day I will do a GIF of the perfect push up, but honestly I think it is yoga that has just taught me over time how to keep straight.

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