Weekend Round Up

This weekend was a busy one but a good one. It started off Friday with a rain filled run. Since my running buddy and I started running together a month ago we have been so lucky when it came to rain. Either missing it by seconds or just getting a light drizzle at the end of our run. This was not the case Friday, the skies opened up and it rained like crazy. Surprisingly this rain filled run was pretty refreshing and after a while you didn’t so much notice the rain. Near the end of the run however, there was some concern over our electronics as the rain seriously picked up but luckily we were close enough to take cover within seconds and save the beloved iPhone.
Untitled  Untitled
Keeping up with our running schedule Saturday morning was a hill day. With fall setting in the run was much more “crisp” than usual but I think the cold air just motivated us to attack the hills with more force than we normally would have. Having wrapped up our hills it was time to get ready for brunch with my parents and for some cork recovery.

A girlfriend of mind is collecting corks for place card holders for a friends wedding and lucky for everyone my mom had massive bag of them. So we enjoyed a lovely brunch, raided my mom’s garden for some carrots and squash and then my husband and I headed back in the city to get ready for a friend’s birthday celebration.
UntitledSunday as per usual the farmer’s market was my first stop. I love the fall and the farmers market the choices are endless and the market is always buzzing. Sunday being a football day my husband was attending a backyard “tailgating” viewing of the game. Having what seemed like a delicious football style dip on my pinterest board for months I was excited to contribute something to the gathering. The dip was so easy to make and definitely turned out delicious, although the “how healthy for you is this dip” factor was at a low, there was pretty much nothing healthy about this dip, but it was definitely delicious.

After dropping off the dip and saying a quick hello, I headed home for some much needed lazing around, followed by some organization of our DVD collection. I had recently purchased these DVD sleeves to reclaim some shelving space in our living room and spent half of the afternoon transferring DVD’s over to them.  It is just incredible how much space they have saved us, but I have run out of them, and still have at least another 200 DVDs to go through, so it looks like I will be placing another order soon.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday. 


2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Yey – I am so glad you posted the recipe! I asked Kyle to give me a star rating on the dip and he gave it a 6.5 out of 5 stars – haha.

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