Workin with a Professional

Today I had my consultation with a professional, I get to head on over to Epic Fitness to meet up with a personal trainer to discuss my fitness goals. I am mainly excited to get a chance to see what working out with a professional is like. I read a lot, watch a lot of informative videos as well as fitness videos, and read some more, but I don’t imagine that all this virtual interaction with the fitness world is the same as going out there and speaking to someone with schooling in the subject.
Untitled Currently my main goals are to up my core and upper body strength, but I know I need to focus on my booty in order to continue on the healing train, and prevent running injuries in the future when it comes to my knees. So I am excited to see what type of workout plan they make up for me. I was able to express what I would like to achieve and meet, a super enthusiastic and motivated individual. I am so excited to get to work with her!

I know it is only a three day trail but it will be nice to get a professional point of view on what exercises my body might best respond to. So next week is the next step in the process. I am beaming with excitement on getting started, and learning some new stuff.

And now for a running update, we have broken the 5k mark on a couple of our running days, it seems that we have really been picking up our pace! As previously mentioned this past weekend we switched it up but adding in an additional day with hills, and both myself and my running buddy are excited to see benefits from adding in these runs, in the long term of course. The one thing I have noticed and for some reason can’t seem to shake is that my right foot starts to go a little numb at the toe box once we hit about 4km, and I am starting to get curious about what is causing it.

Does anyone know what could be causing my numb foot? I used to lace my shoes up differently because other runners had mentioned that it may help, but my foot doctor didn’t seem keen on that so I just lace em’ up regular style now/ So any suggestions at this point would be welcomed, I am not too pumped about numb toes at the end of my runs and I am hoping to increase my mileage soon.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Workin with a Professional

  1. I know that this has already been said but are your laces too tight at the top of the shoe? I use to have to stop running after a couple of kms to loosen off my shoes as I had a similar problem to that. I think that part of the problem might be high arches and shoes are made for a general type foot with lower arches so pressure is put on the top of the foot which could be causing nerves to go numb which could be experienced in the fore foot. Good thing that you are seeing a trainer he/she might be able to offer more reasonable explanation that me. Keep playing with the tightness of the laces…..

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