Weekend Recap

It is officially fall,  if Starbucks selling their pumpkin spice latte wasn’t a big enough hint the change in temperature was a dead give away. The weekend started off with an early Saturday morning run, with the cooling temperature it was definitely refreshing.  Although I am sad winter is getting closer, it is nice to not feel like I am running in a sauna.

Saturday morning’s run was a tough one. We kicked it at hills for the first time, it was just as challenging as I remember them, and just as rewarding once they were done. It is fun to add in an additional challenge to the running routine, and it gave myself and my running partner the opportunity to test out  a new route which is always fun.  After the run I came home stretched it out with my foam roller and made myself a delicious coffee peanut butter protein shake.
This is probably my favourit post morning workout drink. It is always so delicious.

After my morning run, I met up with a friend of mine to go and check out a gym opening. A new little gym called Epic Fitness. The gym opening event was great, the gym is a smaller space but had great equipment and their group fitness schedule was amazing. They have some great yoga teachers and a great mix of yoga classes available, and the mix of other fitness classes are interesting. While at the grand opening of Epic Fitness I filled out a raffle form to win some free personal training sessions, and this morning I found out that I won! I am very excited to try out some personal training sessions, it has always been something I was interested in trying out and now I have the opportunity to give it a go.

My weekend wrapped up with my usual visit to the Farmer’s Market for my weeks worth of fruits and veggies. The market was will full fall swing this weekend, jam packed with people, puppies, and various other buskers. It was a perfect morning for wondering the Farmer’s Market.


Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


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