Running my way to Recovery

Sorry about the hiatus this long weekend kind of got a way from me, and I avoided my computer as much as possible.  With the long weekend over I figured it was time to get back on schedule and get to blogging again.

This week marks the third week of me starting my running rehab. Reading a lot, finally taking advice from my doctor and loving my new toy (foam roller) have all played a roll in this healthy come back.

Starting off slow and not jumping back in from where I left off is a huge challenge for me, after several injuries I have discovered that I am a “go big or go home” type of gal and although this mindset works for me most of the time when it comes to recovery it is just ends up being the wrong route to take.
Untitled So for right now with running going so well and two 5k races coming up at the end of September I am overwhelmed with excitement.  Seeing myself recover in a positive way has also forced me to make some other rational choices when it comes to exercising, which means until after my races I will not be doing Insanity.  I half feel that Insanity, plus yoga, plus running was too much and there is a good chance that my knee thought so too, so for right now, I am focusing on getting back to running, and making sure to get to yoga at least a couple of times a week in order to keep my body stretched out, and to give it a break from running.

Using the c25k app, and actually following the prescribed workouts, has been a pretty huge deal for me. The last time I had injured myself I was doing Insanity and 10k training which meant longer harder runs, with the c25k program I just didn’t think I would get the same “this is a challenge” feeling because I felt like I was really scaling it back. But boy was I wrong.

Not only is the c25k program providing me with a challenge it has helped me to start loving my runs again. I am not in pain by the end or the middle for that reason of my run, and most importantly it allows me to run and sweat. Although I still have my running devil at the back of my head telling me to go further, go harder and go longer I have my running buddy to keep my over zealous nature in check.

With all these huge positives associated my recovery this time around it is hard not to be excited, and itching to get out there for a run.  So here is hoping as long as I stay smart about it, and keep a level head I will be able to meet my goals without another injury.

Hope everyone has had an amazing long weekend and had a chance to get out there and do some sweatin’ in the sun! 

How did you get your booty movin’ this weekend?


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