Gettin’ Back into It.

It seems that the majority of my posts have to do with getting back into it after an injury. Which leads me to believe that I am extremely injury prone, or I am seriously not listening to my body as much as I should be. After my last knee encounter I figured it was time to actually speak with my doctor again, and start seriously committing to fixing my knee and the muscles surrounding that issue.

So after seeing my doctor two weeks ago I immediate ordered a foam roller for my IT band, and purchased a knee brace to “remind” myself that there is a knee issue I should pay some attention to. I immediately started working with the foam roller and love it in a weird way. It is so painful while it is happening, but the next day everything feels that much looser. And icing it afterwards really helps with any inflammation that would happen.  Now I just have to commit to doing my physio exercises as much as I have committed to the foam roller and I will be golden.

While waiting to heal (the past two weeks) I have done some yoga, and have kept whatever cardio I have done extremely light, limiting the jumping, or impact as much as possible so I don’t over strain my knees again.   Yesterday I tested out my knees with a jump rope cardio ab circuit from Peanut Butter Fingers, I didn’t feel any pinching in either knee, and they were both pretty happy after the quick 30minute workout. So it was nice to get a good cardio sweat on, and have the chance to push myself a bit harder than I had been.

So today is the big day I finally get to try out running, with two 5k races coming up I want to make sure my body and my knees are ready for it. So I am going out with a girlfriend today to try out a nice slow, hopefully easy, run. Not sure how long it is going to be, not even sure where we are headed but I am excited to get outside and just run again, and it will be nice to just be following someone else instead of getting overzealous and pushing myself to the point of re-injury. Just another reason why having a workout buddy is the greatest!

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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