Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.  This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of participating in a two hour Yogathon outdoors on Sunday.  The day could not have been more perfect it was sunny, with a nice cool breeze and the group had an opportunity to raise money for Care for Children, and charity that helps to raise money for children in underdeveloped countries.

The even started off with a light hip hop warm-up and then the group dove into a two hour session of 108 Sun Salutations.  Four teachers divided up the load and each lead the group through a round of 24 Sun Salutations.UntitledNot having been able to exercise heavily for the past couple of weeks due to my knee, the opportunity to sweat for a good cause felt like a blessing.  The number 108 felt extremely daunting at first but as the practice got going I soon discovered that my body could definitely take it, and would probably thank me the following day, which it is.


It was a great experience and if any of you have the opportunity to take part in 108 rounds of Sun Salutations I strongly recommend it.

Is there some activity you have always wanted to take part in for an afternoon?  If so what is it?


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