Start the Morning off Right

No Meat No Sweat!

Today is day four of being a fake-a-tarian…seeing I will still be eating meat and have had eggs I am not a vegan, but I am also not a vegetarian because I am sure as soon as Saturday hits I will be having some delicious tilapia or wild salmon! All in all it has been going really well though, I have been eating totally delicious things and no real cravings for meat, just the occasional “man it would be easier to just put shrimp in this dish” thought. And my inners have been so happy these past four days, no heart burn, cramps, or anything.

To help me curb the feeling of just wanting to throw meat into my food because it is easier I had ordered the Forks over Knives cookbook and it arrived a couple days ago. As far as I can tell (just from browsing) the book looks incredible. Flipping through its pages the other evening with a friend we both started to salivate over dishes like mushroom stroganoff, mac and “cheese” and a whole section dedicated to veggies stuffed with things. Seriously, what is better than food stuffed with another food?!? So my plan for the weekend is to pick out a couple larger recipes and make them and freeze half so I have meals for the coming weeks, I am so excited to get started!

Decision Time

In other business I made my shoe-cisiontoday is the day of made up words. After work yesterday I headed over to a local athletic shoe store, and had a nice chat with the sales person. Not only are all the staff members themselves into running, swimming, yoga, or various other sports they knew the products like the back of their hands.

After being informed that the pretty shoes I had fallen in love with were not actually motion control, and they wouldn’t provide me with the support I needed, and that they didn’t have my size, so I let go of fashion and just accepted that I would have to buy what fit me best.

After trying on 5 different pairs of shoes, all various brands I ended up with the tried and true Asics. My small heels slip out of a lot of shoes, and especially with my orthotics I need something that is a bit more snug in the heal. So although my shoes aren’t the beautiful pink and blue I dreamt about, they are still probably the coolest looking pair of shoes I have ever warn, and boy are they comfy.
new and old

Now that I have them, I can’t wait for my knee to start feeling less awful so I can hit the pavement and give them a spin.

In Food

I have received a request to post some more breakfast type foods, and I couldn’t agree more. Looking at the “Breakfast” page it is seems a little lonely over there, so last night I got to cooking and made myself a delicious protein packed vegan style breakfast, here it is.

This recipe is so simple and makes two servings, or one giant serving.


1/4 cup quinoa
1/4 cup water
2 tsp cinnamon or 1/2 a cinnamon stick (whatever you have on hand)

2 medium apples
2 tsp cinnamon, or more to taste

Rinse quinoa in a colander under warm water. Once rinsed place quinoa water and cinnamon into a pot, cover and allow to boil. Let boil for about 2-5 minutes, when water is starting to get absorbed turn heat off, stir, then cover and allow the quinoa to finish cooking. Stir occasionally so the quinoa doesn’t get burnt to the bottom of the pot.

Wash apples thoroughly. If you choose to you can peel the apples, but I enjoy the added fiber from the peal and leave it on. Dice apple into small pieces. Preheat a small frying pan to medium-low heat and add in apples and cinnamon. Stir apples and cinnamon until well coated, cover and let sit for 2-3minutes. Remove cover and stir the apples, cook for another 5-7 minutes, and then remove from heat.

Divide up the quinoa and apple equally, top with some no dairy milk and serve. I enjoy coconut, but there is always rice and soy. And for those of you without a nut allergies almond milk would work too.

You can make this the night before and reheat in the morning, just be sure to add the “milk” in before heating it, not the night before.

Hope everyone has been having a fabulous week!

Have you bought yourself any new work out equipment or videos lately?


6 thoughts on “Start the Morning off Right

  1. Good choice on shoes. I love the colours and if they fit and give support that is a bonus. But seriously check out barefoot running. You got me doing it.

  2. I’ve seen lots of references to using quinoa as a breakfast food, and am so happy that you have now featured it… that means that it must actually be tasty 😀 I also like that you use the apples as the sweetener, and not sugar. Yum!

    • I have been skeptical about it in the past too but it was really delicious. Just obviously don’t expect it to taste like oatmeal. But it is super tasty. Using the apples as the sweetness was great, cooking them on a low heat makes them all syrupy it is delicious, definitely a must try!

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