Oh it is that exciting time in a runner’s life, it is time to pick out some new shoes. This time around there are some new requirements so there are a couple more restrictions on what my choices are but I have narrowed it down to three choices!

So here is the big question is….


What is your vote?

1. Asics in pink and blue
2. New Balance in yellow and aqua
3. Traditional style Asics in purple and grey

Put your vote in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “Decisions!

  1. Forget what I told you go with the best looking ones, it is always more important to look like a good runner than be one. It is all about looks. I would choose the Traditional style Asics in purple and grey or you could switch and go to bare foot runners that might even clear up your knee problems….love dad

  2. you must, must pick because of comfort and fit! the first rule any running course teaches you is when you pick your shoes, you CANNOT factor in the look at all!!!! buy the ones that support you the best even if they are hideous! 🙂

    • I know. I was brought up with a Dad who was very serious about support over look. I remember being so upset over it as a child, with my knees the way they are now support and comfort are always #1 priority, but I can still hope the pink ones work out the best. haha.

  3. I was going to say, with all your knee problems etc…..the ones that will give you the best support and comfort……but also, I like the pink and blue ones if their the right ones for you!

  4. whichever pair the people at the running room tell you to buy! so whichever ones feel the most comfortable and whichever ones they say fit the best when you job around their store!

    • I am surprisingly not getting the shoes from running room this time around. I am hitting up Sports 4 this time, their staff has been amazing, and extremely helpful, I would say more helpful than the running room has been the past couple of times I have been in, they also have a large supply of motion control shoes for me. But yes comfort is definitely a must in the selection, but I also hope that “prettiness” can count too.

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