Monday Motivators

So I had done a couple of Monday Motivator posts and I am not entirely sure what happened but they seem to have fallen off the radar. But I figured with my bum knee acting up a motivator post would be helpful, to me at least if not a couple other people too.

When I am off exercising due to an injury I generally go through the same process. First I wallow and lay on the couch like a motionless lump, then I get frustrated for letting myself act like a motionless lump, then I figure out what other activities or exercises I can do to keep myself from going insane from feeling like a motionless lump. I look for workouts that focus on my arms and abs, and various cardio activities that won’t stress out my knees, which really doesn’t leave too much (my knees are picky). Then I start looking up workout music. Yes music, I figure I might not be running 10k, or kicking it with Insanity, but when I am ready to I want to be able to rock out to sweet (or at least energy pumping) tunes!

So this past week I blog-hopped looking for some workout music and I discovered a couple of things. Mainly workout music can often times be the WORST but they have such a good tempo it is hard to say no. My classic self would normally go for Pantera, Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Motor Head, but not too long ago I started diving into the more pop style music because I found it often gave me the extra bounce I needed to boost my speed while running or biking, and well I think it is just plain fun sometimes.

So in the interest of sharing, and possibly embarrassing myself due to my musical choices for my workouts, here is one of my latest playlists. It is loads of fun, there is a mix of faster and medium tempo songs,and most of it makes me want to clap or dance while running. Hopefully I turn one of you onto something fun!


Happy first day of the week, and fresh start to the next 7 days!


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