Lets All be Joiners

In the past and into the present I have never been much of a joiner, just ask the volleyball team I dropped out of. I normally opt for solo activities such as yoga, running or at home workouts. It isn’t that I don’t like people, I do really enjoy them, and I do enjoy having a workout buddy every now and again (it is a great motivator) but in general I am normally enough to push myself to meet my goals.

Then I did my first large scale organized run. I mean, I participated in competitive track and cross country running as a child but it isn’t the same. As a child everyone is asked forced to participate but once you are an adult it is all up to you…right? So, anyways I signed up for my first 10k almost 5 years ago with the Ottawa race weekend, which unbenounced to me was like opening up flood gates.

Shortly after my first run I started to attend group yoga classes, distancing myself from my home yoga and Pilates DVDs. Sure it is still a solo practice but practicing with people in the room was a big deal for me. I also purchased myself a gym membership, which I didn’t use, and then soon joined forces with a permanent yoga buddy. Meeting up with her at least 4 times a week to head on out to the same class, both of us making some compromises on which class to participate in, she was a little bit more motivated to move our practice to the next step then I was, which meant more power and hot classes. It was though this give and take workout partnership I discovered that even though I am great at pushing myself often times other people are better or more efficient at providing an extra shove out of the dreaded “comfort zone”.
CIBC-run-for-cureSo after having a taste of the workout community, as I like to call it, I became more open to trying things out. I bought a new gym membership (and use it) and started going to group fitness classes on my own and with friends, I became a regular at yoga, and I started to make more of an effort to join races, fundraisers, and other group but still solo type activities.
yogathonSo this year I had signed up for the 10k during the Ottawa Race Weekend (epic fail), and for the fall I have signed up for both the Graffiti Run and the Run for the Cure, and just today I found a yogathon! And I am so excited to participate in each of these challenges, they keep me motivated to move. I have found that similar to a good gym buddy a race, even if it is a fun run or a fundraiser is a great way to get you out there and push yourself to new limits.

If you haven’t tried out a race or joining some type of friendly competition I strongly recommend it. Even if you don’t feel like you will get a “good time” you should still try it out, you never know you might surprise yourself, and really any time you get is a better time than none at all isn’t it?

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Just a little heads up I have updated the Eats page for your ease of finding delicious recipes.


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