Dealing with Bum Knees

So since my last little bout with injuries I have been in good form. Performing my physio for  building strength in my hips and ankles, working it out with Insanity, and shortened runs to give my knees a bit of a break, and always making sure to stretch it out with at least one solid yoga class a week.

I felt as thought I was back on track! Getting back to where I had been and feeling completely awesome! And then POP, literally. In the middle of a push-up jack my patella (knee cap) decided to jump out of place for a bit.  Now my knees crackle, pop and crunch, on a regular basis but this one was a bit different, seeing how I couldn’t move for about 20minutes.

After some light convincing I went to the doctor that afternoon and was happy to find out that nothing major happened, just a bit of displacement to my knee cap and it seemed to be back in place.  With instructions to ice and take it easy for the next couple of days, I was sure to ask about types of activity that I am able to do, and if I would be in good shape for my September runs.  I was advised that biking was the way to go and if in extreme need of a run to give water running a go.  I was also assured that if I take care of it now I will be better than good for my runs.
foam rollerSo my plan of action: Get on the foam roller train!!! After speaking with my doctor, in addition to speaking with friends who have similar issues and some general reading I am totally sold on it.  Not that I was skeptical before but mostly I figured I was doing my  exercises and just didn’t feel a 30 dollar piece of foam would add anything to my routine.
itband.2.anatAs it turns out a super tight IT band can contribute to knee issues, especially things like um, I don’t know, your knee cap popping out. After a quick and painful examination of my knees, the only thing that jumped out at my physician was how tight my IT band on my right leg was, to the point where when she applied the slightest amount of pressure tears started pouring from my eyes. So here it goes, time to try out the foam roller, I ordered one on so hopefully it will be here by the end of the week so I get can started on properly caring for my pain in the butt knees.

Hope everyone is doing well and your joints are treating you well or you are treating them well I guess.


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