Finally Friday!

Before getting carried away with the excitement of a long weekend.  Let’s do a recap of this week in Insanity. I have been sticking to the schedule, and letting the program kick my butt. I am now nearing the end of my second week and I have picked my favourit and least favourit workouts so far.  In the category of most liked Cardio Recovery would come out in the lead. It is nice and slow, some strength stuff, and lots of stretching, it reminds me of yoga with some push-ups.  And for the least favourit it would be Plyometric Cardio Circuit. This workout was made by the devil, regardless of the ridiculous warm-up which is at the beginning of every workout, by the end of it your legs are like jelly, it is a good/bad type of thing.

Besides despising the plyo circuit Insanity has been great.  The only set back I have experienced is some minor knee pain, so today instead of doing my regular Insanity workout I subbed it out for some low impact cardio outdoors. I strapped on my rollerblades and went for a nice 8km roll around the Ottawa canal. It was a great start to my extra long weekend.

This week also presented some new opportunities for me. Our local Lululemon puts on various free classes throughout the city. The one I talk about all the time is the Parliament Hill Yoga, the other evening in honour of the full moon they put on an evening class to practice at a local beach under the moon.
UntitledA girlfriend and I headed over around 10:30pm, and picked out our spots. There were candles and torches to light up the area, it was beautiful. I have practiced yoga outside before but only during the day, it was, for the lack of a better word, magical. There was a beautiful breeze coming off of the water and the light of the full moon and candles lit up the grounds.
UntitledBeside the yoga class being way past my bedtime, everything about it was totally worth it. IF any of you have the opportunity to practice yoga in the fresh night air I strongly recommend it.

Well happy Friday, hope you all have wonderful plans for your long weekend!!


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