Let’s get Moving Monday

After a glorious holiday, a lazy week of getting back into our timezone and an added 7 pounds it is time to get back on track. All the beer, delicious oil and butter filled food, and the other deep fried wonders, I have definitely been stoked to get back to eating a diet dominant in veggies and lean meats, and the farmers market always makes that so easy.

Farmer’s market haul from this weekend.


Delicious scallop and red kale salad created courtesy of the farmers market.

Having made the step to start eating more delicious and healthy foods, the next step really is to make sure to get moving more regularly, again. Yes, going on a run was one of the first things I did when I returned from the UK, and yes I have been hitting up my PHY as well as dabbling in some videos a friend shared with me, but it is time to get serious.

Generally I dread this part. I normally find it more difficult to get back on track than it is to start everything in the first place. I think it has something to do with feeling like you are starting from ground zero even though it really has only been a couple of weeks. But those couple of weeks make a difference, I know the first kick butt workout I do is going to do just that…kick my butt, in the best way possible. The other reason I think it is more difficult to start up again is the internal struggle against convincing yourself you failed the first round.

To fight the urge to put myself down and convince myself that I have failed I generally slowly gear back up to my routine. So in the past week I made sure to bring my running gear with me to work, so I could sneak in two lunch time runs, and then on PHY day I made sure to bring my yoga mat so I could get a little yoga class in. Little triumphs make me feel like I haven’t failed, but rather that I am succeeding. So instead of feeling the daunting weight of getting back into the grove, I have the opportunity to feel pride and success for the small accomplishments I have made while getting back into my routine.

Approaching such a daunting task in this manner makes me feel motivated and more amped then ever to get back on track and start working out as hard as I ever had. It also gives me the opportunity to start cutting out caffeine without having to go through mad withdrawals. When I stop working out my coffee intake goes from a cup a week to at least one a day, and I am really not a coffee drinker.

So today marks day 1 of starting up again. This round I will be attempting to complete the 60day Insanity plan. I probably won’t 100% be following the food recommendations but I will do my best, and will definitely be following the workout plan. Also during this time I will be exploring the glory of a juicer, I will let you know what works for me and what doesn’t (celery I am looking at you!) in some upcoming posts so stay tuned.

Have a great Monday!

*Disclaimer: I have yet to actually try the insanity plan, and obviously don’t advocate anyone getting into an intense workout without checking with their doctor first. I will share my opinion of this plan as I work my way through it.


5 thoughts on “Let’s get Moving Monday

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  2. I feel ya man.. when I feel myself going off track, sometimes I will just say to myself- Courtney, you need a week to get yourself together but then after that, no more excuses… and I go from there… when you give yourself permission ahead of time, you shouldn’t feel guilty because it is all part of your plan… the hard part is making sure your week off doesn’t turned into 3 months off haha… but you will do great… you are great and you looked super at Steph’s wedding!

  3. you go girl! make little goals so you can never feel like you failed! and taking a few weeks off your plan to enjoy your holiday is not failure… just planned indulgence! in my humble opinion, life without a day where the only exercise is lifting the remote and the only thing on the menu is anything and everything, is not worth living 😉 keep it realz and remember small goals lead to bigger ones but those smaller ones make the bigger ones easier to obtain… never feel like you are failing because you are trying and that is success!! Xo

    • Thanks so much for all the love! It is definitely about figuring it out a day at a time and allowing for indulgence. Getting back on track can just be a daunting task at times.

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