Following Up on Goals

So yesterday I am getting ready for bed with some meditation (more on that later) and suddenly the thought of my “goals” rolled across my mind. What ever happened to my monthly goals. Now at this point I am not even sure if I remember what they were, or if I have been accomplishing them, so lets just take a quick look back.

So my second level or challenge was to basically increase everything I had committed to doing after New Years, if anyone recalls (I didn’t I had to go back and look).

The goals I had outlined for myself were as follows:

  1. Blog 2-3 days a week.
  2. Limit alcohol consumption to 2 times a week.
  3. Commit to increasing my 5am workouts to 4 days a week so that I can add at least one day of swimming.
  4. Commit to a twice a week yoga practice (minimum)
  5. Eat as clean as possible. Cut out refined and processed foods.

For the most part…well who am I kidding, summer threw all of this into a tailspin.  We all know my blogging has become fairly irregular, but now that the wedding and honeymoon have past I am excited to get back onto a regular schedule for all of you lovely readers.

Now the rest of it…well really I shouldn’t have any excuses, other than a 5am gym visit isn’t happening as the sun doesn’t set until almost 10pm and there is no way I am missing out on sun, therefore I wouldn’t get enough sleep.  I will start this up again in the dark winter months.

The one positive would be that I have been attending regular yoga classes. As a result of my foot issue, and orthotics woahs I increased my yoga intake to 4 times a week.  And as for the clean eatting, for the most part my diet (minus honeymoon and wedding day) has been very homemade and fairly clean, aka low in sugars and dairy.

As I sit here judging how well I have succeeded at achieving these goals, I have to stop myself to recognize that these goals weren’t about winning or beating someone at the health race they were about motivating myself, and really for the most part it worked.

So instead of getting down on myself for not sticking to the goals I had outlined perhaps it is time to modify them to keep myself motivated during these warm summer months, when really I would prefer to be sitting on a patio drinking some beer.

Summer Goals:

  1. Get blogging again.
  2. Commit to a minimum of 30minutes of rigorous physical activity 6 days a week. Try to make at least 2 of these HIIT sessions, and be sure to throw in some weights.
  3. Yoga 3 times a week – either at home or in a class
  4. Buy 98% of my fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market
  5. Get into juicing – new obsession, I will fill everyone in as I get started on this one.

I think these goals are completely attainable.  I mean instead of sitting on a patio drinking a beer, I could go for a hike, or a rollerblade along the canal or a walk even. It is just a matter of switching over my mind set, so here we go, time to hook up the booster cables and get this back on track.

How is everyone else finding it sticking to their fitness goals this summer?  Easier or more challenging?  I definitely fall in the more challenging category. 


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