Lets Get into the Plaid – Glasgow

Part two of the honeymoon begins in Glasgow.  First impressions, pretty neat city, so easy to get around and figure out where you are even if you forget a map, good shopping, and some great pubs.

We arrived in Glasgow the day before Canada day and figured it would be a good idea to check out if there were any fellow Canadian’s looking to celebrate. As it turns out there was one individual and they were throwing a party the day before Canada day seeing there was a big soccer (football) game (Spain vs. Italy – Italy was slaughtered) the following day. So like good Canadian’s we made sure to hop on over to the local pub and participate in some Canada celebrations.


The poutine smelt revolting but it is the effort that counts, and hey maybe it tasted better than it looked.


Out of Glasgow we booked a Scotch tour with Rabbie Tours, it was sweet. Our tour guide George was incredible and told us stories the whole day long. We went to Stirling Castle;



Here is some of the awesome paintings in the Kings Dinning Hall:

Check out the nearby cemetery, it was all old and awesome.

And then we stopped by the Doune Castle for a photo op. If any of you out there are fans of Monty Python this is the castle in which there were catapulted cows.


And here is a hairy cow…apparently a very popular tourist attraction.

We then ventured over to the distillery, unfortunately no photography was allowed so I am unable to bring you photos of this. It was pretty neat, although when we went they weren’t making anything, it was their “quiet season” or something of the sort. It was still pretty interesting to see how everything is made and to get a bit of a background on booze making. I am not a fan of scotch so my husband reaped the benefits of that.
One evening we decided to go out for a nicer dinner (instead of a pub) and discovered that Scottish oysters are pretty much the size of your face!!! Delicious and gigantic.

After some more exploring and checking out the internet we came across this dirty little gem.  Staying true to their name, this bar/pub was nothing fancy, we just went for some drinks and were pleasantly surprised. The walls were decorated with drawings, words and other vulgar items, the bar just felt like home, a dirty home but a home none the less.

The next day we left for Edinburgh, the stay in Glasgow was amazing but we had more fun ahead of us.

Happy Thursday, more updates to come.


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