Update Time – Ireland

Here is a little update via photos of the past two and a half weeks.  It has been nuts, it has wonderful, it has been super fun and here are some photos to recap. I hope you all enjoy.

It all started with some wedding rings and my protective charm necklace…superstitious maybe but my sister gave it to me and said it would protect me, now it comes along everywhere I travel.

Now enter the amazing plane food. First class is definitely the way to fly…too bad I will never be able to afford it any time soon. Champagne before take off!!

I mean look at that salad people!


Soon we made it to Ireland, it was wonderful. Full of sweet people, fun things to check out, and great music, and so many pubs it was hard choosing which one to go, so seeing we were lucky enough to have a sunny day we went on a walk to the local park.

Before another full day of exploring we started our day off healthy with some granola, greek yogurt and some banana.
SL383858And some of the worst coffee of my life.

SL383895We made it to the Guinness factory
And this glorious candy shop!! It was like I had fallen into Willy Wonk and the Chocolate Factory. There was so much to choose from my head spun.
UntitledBesides the candy, the beer and the friendly people there were wonderful buildings to look at such as this one.

And the stocks outside of a wax museum. Wax museum by the way is the creepiest thin in life.
It was pretty hard to pick which pictures to put up but this gives a pretty good idea of what our time in Ireland resembled. I will follow up with Scotland in the next couple of days.


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