Lessons learnt

To date the honeymoon has been great, met some nice people saw some amazing things, got ears full of history and found many a pub for a pint and delicious food.

So far some of the things I have learnt are:

1. If you have a sensitive stomach take more care in packing snacks your belly is used to.
2. Pub food is great but do what you can to find a salad.
3. Always bring a jacket even if you don’t think you will need it.
4. Listen to the reviews on Trip Advisor when they say the beds are “a little hard” cuz what that actually means is that you are sleeping on rocks.
5. Take advantage of the hotel/apartment kitchens they are life savers.
6. Wash your colours and the whites separately because even the oldest pink sweater can run apparently.
7. Remember to do what feels best to you, the guide books aren’t always right.

I am sure there are a million more things I have learnt while traveling this time around but those are just a couple things.

I am excited to give you guys a run down in photo form shortly stay tuned.

Happy Saturday!!


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