Watching what you eat

We have lost track of what day it is but today is our 3rd (?) day in Glasgow and we will be going on a guided tour of the country and a scotch distillery.

Shopping here is wonderful, the buildings are beautiful and the restaurants and pubs are plentiful. Much like Dublin there seems to be a restaurant or pub on every corner each offering something just a little different but all offering loads of ale.

On our first evening in Glasgow we located a pub that was giving tribute to Canada day (a day early but who can complain). The pub went all out offering their own style of poutine and the music stylings of a Bryan Adams tribute band. We made loads of friends some Canadian and some just interested passer-byers drawn in by the ruckus of the 2010 Olympic gold metal hockey game.

After having a lovely time we decided to head out and find a late bite to eat. Stopping by at an Italian restaurant for some snacks. If there is one thing Glasgow does not seem to be missing it is Italian restaurants. Upon entry of this restaurant I wasn’t loving it but we were hungry and it didn’t seem so bad, we ordered two appetizers to share and as always informed them about my sever nut allergy.

The food arrived and our waiter made a comment about how “olives aren’t nuts, right?” This should have tipped me off, I mean shouldn’t this have been something you asked me before bringing over the plate. As my husband and I chatted, I tested the food out on my lips (a trick I picked up sometime ago). I looked at one of the items realizing that it appeared to have either rock hard olive slices or pistachios in it. Asking two members of the wait staff and the manager no one was able to answer the question of “is this nut”.

Finally the manager went down to the kitchen to find out what food they serve, coming back to inform me that yes it was indeed nuts and that yes there was a note on file. I informed him that I had been extremely lucky to not have eaten it, I also reiterated how severe my allergy was and that I no longer had an appetite and we would be leaving.

My husband and I both a little shaken up walked around to cool off for a bit before finding a close-by pub for a pint. I do understand that mistakes can happen, it was just extremely discouraging to find a restaurant that was so oblivious as to what they’re serving their clientele that they could have seriously injured someone.

In the end though everyone was fine and this was more so just a reminder to always be mindful of the food you are putting in your body.

Pictures will follow once I get to a computer. As handy as this mobile app is I still haven’t figured out putting pictures in.

Happy Monday!


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