We Did It!

Sorry for the disappearance but I was in wedding crunch time.  With just a day left before leaving for my honeymoon I figured it would be a good idea to get in a little post updating everyone on my going-ons.

It was so amazing to have so many family and friends around us during our last few days of prep for the wedding, it made for more of a stress free time.  Thank goodness for friends and family for making sure I ate healthy (lots of kale) and still made it to some yoga classes to keep me calm and properly nourished.

The day of our wedding I scheduled a private power yoga session with just a few close friends and family members. It was a perfect way to start what promised to be a very busy day. After yoga it was hair time, and then onto make-up. Lucky for me my sister is extremely talented and was able to do my make-up for the day.
SL383752Then it was just some waiting around for pictures to start and to see my husband to be for our reveal photos.  We had decided that we wanted to take most of our photos prior to the wedding this way we had more time to spend speaking with our guests and eating all of the delicious food we had picked out.
After an afternoon filled with photos, it was time to get married. Lucky for me we had some dear friends recording the whole even on their personal camcorder, seeing the whole thing is a bit of a blur I am looking forward to having a chance to look back on the day.

All in all the day was incredible, it was so much fun to spend the day with so many loved ones, and to now be married to such an amazing man.  Thank you so much for everyone who helped to make our wedding such a wonderful day.
BrittanyColleenHope everyone has a great couple of weeks, once we are back from our honeymoon I will do some updates and bring everyone up to speed on our adventures.


7 thoughts on “We Did It!

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  2. You did it!!!!!! What a wonderful wedding! You looked beautiful and Dave looked handsome! I’m so happy to have witnessed such a special and important day in your lives! Thank you! xox

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