Mini Workout Update

So I have been doing my mini workouts and I got to say I totally love them. They are nice and short and they get your muscles working.  The exercises range from extremely difficult (Indian push-ups) to really easy (jumping jacks) and you can challenge yourself by pushing yourself as fast as you can to see how quickly you can get it done.

Things I have Noticed:

While doing the mini workouts I have noticed one major thing.  Although going through the circuit once does get you sweating, it doesn’t get your muscles talking.  I mean sure it is challenging and you are working your muscles, but I have found that going through the circuit at least twice is the best way to go. So 2 to 3 times through the circuit is probably most effective, and you will achieve optimal sweaty factor.

No equipment is required so you can do them anywhere, if you really want to be outside move on out and try the workout in the sun.

Mixing and Matching:

Once you have gone through the whole routine (Monday to Sunday) once for an extra challenge it might be interesting to try and mix and match various days.  For instance take Monday and Tuesday instead of doing two Mondays in a row.

Full Circle:

Last week I couldn’t wait till Saturday to try out my new workout so I started it on Friday, today marks me coming full circle on the week.  My take out is they are great little workouts for when you are traveling, extremely busy or just need to move.   Because they are so simple and quick it is really difficult to find a reason not to do them, and quiet honestly they are super fun.

I hope you all had the chance to try them out! If you did let me know what you thought of them. 

Happy Friday Everyone!

P.S. Just a blog update, I have updated the Workin’ it and Eats pages so the various workouts and recipes I have posted are easy to find.


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