Sun Shine

As mentioned previously I take part in Parliament Hill yoga, it is an event put on by the Rideau Centre Lululemon, and if you have yet to try it and are in the Ottawa area at noon on a  Wednesday I strongly recommend you come one down.

Different yoga teachers from around the city donate their time to lead hundreds of people through a one hour yoga class. As the weather gets nicer more and more people show up and it is just incredible.

It is definitely the highlight of most of my Wednesday, and the perfect way to break up a work day filled with sitting in a chair and typing.

I think besides the general exercise and relaxation you get from yoga PH yoga is fantastic because it goes on rain or shine (no thunder showers of course that is just dangerous), so if you have never practiced in the rain I strongly encourage you to give it ago, it adds some new challenges but it is also cleansing (for the lack of a better word).

Here are some photos so you can see how it grows throughout the summer.

This is a picture of the first day of PH yoga…cold and threatening to rain – probably about 50 people.

1 yoga

Here is what it looked like today…917 people. Nothing like putting out so many good vibes all together.

PH yoga

all photos are courtesy of Lululemon Rideau Street Facebook page


Happy Hump Day we are almost threw the week. 


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