Just a bit Extra

So the clock is ticking and the days on the calendar seem to be flying by. Soon I will be off work for 3 whole glorious weeks. Using up my vacation for the year but I am not a bit upset about that, it will all be worth it seeing I get to have time with my family, time with friends from far away, and so many new memories!

With the wedding getting closer a huge part of my stress management routine is working out. I find that staying physically active gives me the time my brain and body need to reset and think clearly. So with all this impending excitement, and last minute wedding prep I have been sure to hit up the yoga studio at least 3-4 times a week. I will be honest though healthy eating has fallen to the waste side a bit when it comes to my dinners.

After running around and working all day and coming home from the yoga studio the last thing on my mind is making any type of meal regardless of how little time it will take me. But I figure this is temporary and really one not so healthy meal out of the day isn’t gonna kill me, and if ordering that pizza is going to save me some stress this month I am all about ordering pizza.

What does all this not so healthy food talk have to do with anything? you might be asking…well it coupled with my made up home workout routine from last weekend has me motivated to add a little bit extra activity into my day. I figured sure I have loads of stuff to do, but when it comes down to it moving my body, getting my muscles working and breaking a sweat makes me happy and relaxes my mind.

So as I would normally do when looking for inspiration I went on a search through some of my favourit fitness blogs and Pintrest and I came across this little workout gem.
7 day mini series

Please note I typed it out from a post found on Pintrest. I wanted to print it out but the blog that was linked only had two of the 7 days posted for whatever reason.

While we are on the topic of Pintrest, if you are looking for additional food inspiration, workout routines or just some cute stuff feel free to follow me and see what things I have pined for some inspiration.
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If you are interested, start this with me this weekend!  I will be working a little backwards and starting on Saturday.  If you are going to try it out I hope you enjoy it. 

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