Not Running

As previously whined about I am unable to run due to a simple slip and fall on some water. I came to terms with not running my race, and putting a lot more time towards practicing yoga I was able to come to a happy kind of balance of exercise and not injuring myself further.

So I had come to grips with not running, not training, not racing, but then something happened I got my new orthotics. Seeing how I have trained myself over time to get excited about going on runs when I get new running equipment, like socks, a fuel belt, heck even new running songs get me amped to hit the pavement and test them out. Well orthotics are like the mother ship! They are possible the best new fun running thing you can get (if you need them) besides a full new pair of shoes (which by the way I need and I am putting off purchasing until I can run again).

Having received the new orthotics, trying them on, walking around in them, and then taking them off again, all I can think about is getting back out there, just to try them out. I keep telling myself things like “maybe just 2km and if that is fine just 5km” hoping that I can will my body, more specifically my foot, back into not hurting anymore. Or heck I mean at this point I would be okay with a little pain if I could just try out my new toys.

Then I stop and think, okay in 18 days I have to be in heels for a day, if I do go on a run will my foot and ankle be feeling optimal again in that much time? And then it happens common sense takes over and I realize the idea of going on a run, while I still clearly have an injury is ridiculous and I should just relax and stick to the original healing plan. So then I end up back where I started waiting till after the wedding and after the honeymoon, and listening to the doctor’s advice to stay off the foot as much as possible for 6-8weeks. I guess my shoes and new orthotics will still be there by the end of the healing period.

Have any of you struggled to downgrade your exercising while healing from an injury?

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! The week is almost over folks!


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