Dirt and Vegetables!

The glory of the Ottawa Farmer’s Market is back in town, and has been for some time now.

The Farmer’s Market is one of my favourit parts of the summer. All the delicious local veggies, cheeses, eggs, meats, flowers, herbs, sauces, ice creams and everything. When I first started making my way to the market there weren’t many vendors, but over the years the Farmer’s Market here has grown and there are more and more options to choose from every summer. This definitely makes it difficult to control yourself once you arrive there, but it is so wonderful to see it grow.

ice cream (source)
Since my first time going, I have learnt to relax and take a little bit more time before pouncing on all the delicious looking produce. Going to the Farmer’s Market on Sundays has become a bit of a ritual and is a fabulous way to start off the last day of my weekends.
radishesBeing the beginning of summer there isn’t much for the picking but soon enough there will be more produce than I will know what to do with, and I can’t wait!

This weekend I also created my own jumping jack workout. On Saturday I had attempted to go to my regular Saturday morning yoga class, but due to rain I had decided to drive instead of bike. Arriving at the yoga studio I drove around for 20minutes, before realizing that the class had now started and I was over it. So instead of just totally giving up on any sort of physical activity for the day I decided to just start moving and make up my own jumping jack challenged based on so many other workouts I have seen on the internet.

So here it is. It lasts about 30-45minutes, depending on how fast you are moving. Go through it twice, your legs should be raging afterwards.
jumping jackI hope everyone had a wonderful indoor weekend due to the rain. Here’s hoping the rain lets up a little for next weekend.


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