Gettin’ my Protein

In my quest to eliminate the over consumption of animal in my life I have been turning to tofu a lot more. Now originally I was pretty against tofu, I watched one of those “How It’s Made” episodes where they go into the whole process of changing a beautiful green bean into a white chunky block and I gotta say I was pretty disgusted. Then on top of that it seems like most soy beans on this planet have been genetically modified, much like corn. So put those two things together and I was pretty turned off.

So how did I get to eating tofu? I was at the grocery store one day with a friend of mine and she introduced me to a whole new world made up of non-genetically modified, organic tofu. So I figured okay I would give it a try. Armed with my block of tofu and only one tofu style recipe under my belt, I set out to do some research on how to make this tasteless blob of bean taste good.

Scouring the wonderment of Pintress, and with the help of my girlfriend Steph I set out to try out some new recipes. Two of the recipes I have test so far and have definitely fallen into the “I HAVE to make this again” category are; Sweet Chili Lime Tofu and Thai Lemongrass Tofu Skewers. The Sweet Chili Lime Tofu taught me the wonderful cooking method of dry frying, which firms up the tofu all delicious like, total genius and a huge thanks to who ever figured that one out!

I mention dry frying because I now often use it even if the recipe doesn’t call for it to be used. I used it on the Thai Lemongrass Tofu Skewers and boy am I happy I did. I am sure it would have turned out fine even if I hadn’t but I feel like the dry frying gives tofu that extra kick it needs.

UntitledHere is a quick snap of my prep while making the skewers, just a little note to the recipe, I ended up using twice as much scallion and I didn’t measure out the snap peas, so I did end up with a lot more veggies on my skewers than called for in the recipe.

I started using tofu as a protein replacement when I am cooking meals without meat, but please note I still prefer to get my protein from more natural sources. Like if I can have a cup of peas with my supper to get some protein I will do that, or heck I will just steam up some soy/edamame beans and have them as my protein, but every once in a while it is nice to have something with a non vegetable like texture to take the place of my meat

Here is how I often prefer my food to look:

And the recipe that goes with it!

Balsamic Green Beans and Mushrooms:

1 lbs fresh green beans
8oz cremini mushrooms
1 1/2 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
Salt and Pepper to taste


Clean mushrooms and green beans. Cut off ends of green beans, and slice mushrooms into pieces. Put prepared mushrooms and green beans into a medium to large ziplock bag add oil and vinegar, seal bag and message around oil and vinegar to make sure all the veggies are coated. Let the veggies sit marinating for at least 30minutes.
Pre-heat oven to 450degrees. Once marinated remove green beans and mushrooms from the bag and lay flat on a cookie sheet. Cook for 20minutes, no need to flip.

I found this recipe on Kalyn’s Kitchen, I just removed the parmesan cheese her recipe called for, seeing I attempt to avoid dairy whenever possible. The veggies turned out great, and the parmesan would definitely add another level of delicious.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their week to date. Just on the count down side of things 23 days left till my wedding! Crazy face!


6 thoughts on “Gettin’ my Protein

  1. This is exactly the post I needed. We have also been trying to eat less flesh… but I have also been really turned off of tofu (and not by its taste/texture, just like you). I am excited to try these!

  2. Yum! This looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing! Im pretty obsessed with tofu. And tempeh! Ill have to try this. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog on here – love it! I get excited when I find another veggie blog. 🙂

  3. Your skewer recipe sounds fantastic, mm! And I haven’t dry-fried in a while, I think that’s what I’ll do tonight!
    Also, La Soyarie is where the organic/non-GMO tofu comes form, and it’s located just over in Gatineau. So even though the actual beans may be shipped in from various places, the final product’s carbon footprint is quite reasonable 🙂

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