Stretchin it out!

After recently finding out that my running life will be on hold for some time I have gotten back into my old grove with some regular yoga.

Over the past year I have been experimenting with various different forms of working out, which include weight lifting (light ones of course), kettle bells, swimming, and getting back on track with running. Out of all the things I have tried out I definitely uncovered a love for lifting weights. There is something so satisfying about pushing your own limits and getting that little burn to let you know that everything is working.

But I digress, due to recent injuries I have decided to get back to what actually got me into the land of fitness in the first place, yoga. I had first tried yoga out under the assumption that it was for people who liked to stretch it out, lay on mats, and were generally not interested in pushing themselves. Although I wasn’t so interested in it per-say I decided to try it out with some girlfriends and see what it was like. My first yoga class of life was a Bikram class. For those of you unfamiliar with bikram it is performed in a very hot room and for that reason probably wasn’t the greatest intro to a yoga practice for my first time.

This first class actually turned me off of yoga for some time because of the heat, but after a couple of months I decided to try another hot yoga class at a different studio that offered 60minute classes. The heat was still brutal, but I was able to keep my wits about myself, and was able to come to the realization that yoga wasn’t for lazy, mat sleeping hippies. It was challenging, both physically and mentally.

All of this to say that I am super soles to get back on my mat in a more regular way. So loaded with a 30 day unlimited pass and a full drawer of yoga clothing I have really been enjoying getting my grove back.

Happy race weekend to everyone running. Best of luck!!


4 thoughts on “Stretchin it out!

  1. I have become OBSESSED with yoga. It’s a beautiful thing! I started out doing vinyasa yoga though, and later tried bikram. I love them both 🙂 Great post

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