Out of Order

It is decision time for my upcoming race….
Out-Of-Order-Machine-Service-Sign-S-2702Having just returned from my orthotics appointment I am feeling fairly deflated and irritated. Months of hard work, putting up with blisters, blister remedies, duck tape stained feet, and the development of gross calluses, two things are standing in my way of competing in my 10k race next weekend;

  1. Rolling my ankle and apparently spraining a tendon. Whomp!
  2. Needing completely new orthotics due to foot fat. It isn’t actually foot fat, it is just skin and how my feet squish out when pressure is applied, everyone has it, I guess I just have a lot, at least that is the impression I got today.  Double whomp!

Let’s try to Keep this Positive

Although, totally discouraged I do have some things to be happy about

  1. I started up running again on a regular basis thanks to the “goal” of a race at the end of May and,
  2. I finally got my pace back to where it was pre-injury.
  3. My leg muscles are looking pretty fine because of all the training.

So even though I don’t get to go out there and test out my endurance in a race, I know that I have gotten better and there will always be other races. Right?

While I Wait

In the mean time, I am supposed to stay off my foot/ankle and “be nice” as it was put to me today.  Subbing my regular cardio intervals for swimming and biking or other low impact cardio activities… does rollerblading fall in this category?

I am just going to  go ahead and assume this was the Universe’s way of telling me I have been ignoring my yoga practice, and it is giving me the time I need to get back into my  practice, by forcing out all other options.

Having found a great yoga studio so close to my house, with tons of options to choose from and various times to go at it is really difficult to be extremely upset about it.  Don’t get me wrong I am beyond bummed out about my race and the troubles my hips and knees and feet are giving me with running, but one day (soon hopefully) things will be good again, it will all work out.

The Take Away

The orthopedic doctor told me he liked my “just give it a try attitude”, he believes there are too many people out there that are willing to give-up because of the slightest pain, but then quickly reminded me that sometimes I do need to listen and take breaks, i.e. I shouldn’t have waited 6 months to complain about my orthotics giving me blister.   But my take away is I have a great attitude.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a lovely long weekend! If anyone knows of any kick butt low impact cardio I can do I am so welcome to input! 

Have a great Thursday! 


3 thoughts on “Out of Order

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    • I will definitely need to be doing something to keep me busy as I am feeling a little batty without my regular runs. So tomorrow I am signing up for a 30day unlimited yoga pass, that way I can hit it up 5-6 days a week until the wedding, and still get my sweat on and be gentle to my foot at the same time.

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