Bells and Task Lists

Today’s post is brought to you by bridal stress and party planning mayhem. I have some running updates, but I am going to wait on those until I see a guy about my orthotics.

With my wedding quickly approaching (39days to be exact) the pressure of getting things done is becoming very really. Everything is organized, and there are dates and meetings associated with most of the “To Dos” on the task lists, but every once in a while you have a dream where you forget to participate in your own wedding photos, or your hair dresser decides that what you wanted isn’t good enough and gives you a beehive instead.
UntitledThe best part of this “stress” is that I am not even sure it is actual stress. I am all mixed with excitement, nervousness, anxiety (in a good way), happiness, and then sandwiched up with some more excitement. All the feelings are so muddled together I am often not sure what in the world I am doing. With my family coming to visit, friends from all over coming, and about a thousand little tasks to get done before and during visits with everyone I am having a difficult time navigating. I feel much like this dog:
funny dog pictures - Goggie Gif: Yes! Yes! Please! Gimme!
see more dog and puppy pictures

Thankfully I have so many wonderful people in my life helping me out with things, or offering to help (which is often enough to calm anyone down), the thousand things there are left to do don’t feel so daunting all the time. With every little thing that gets crossed off the list my shoulders start to feel lighter, exercising regularly if not daily also helps with managing stress loads.

I have said it before and I will say it again, exercise = best form of stress management!! When I am feeling like my head is going to pop, a quick set of 10push-ups can bring me back down to earth, or if something more substantial is need a quick but intense cardio circuit can get me back down to “normal” people levels.

Well that is my little personal rant, and just to advise wedding planning might also interfere with my blogging so I do apologize in advance if my posts become a bit more sparse, but I will do my best to keep on posting.

Happy Tuesday – hope everyone has a chance to get out in the Sunday today. I know I will!!!


3 thoughts on “Bells and Task Lists

  1. you are going to look beautiful on your wedding day! even if you somehow get conned into a beehive! you are cute enough to pull it off!
    let me know if you need anything xoxo

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