Other ways to Train

My foot is healing up real nice, but there is still some tenderness. So not wanting to get set back in all the training I have put in for the up coming race I decided to go on a bike ride
UntitledI remembered that a couple years back when my sister was training for a half marathon she hurt her knee pretty bad. Still wanting to compete she spoke with her doctor and found out that doubling the amount of km she would run and turning it a bike ride she would be able to stick to her training.
UntitledRemembering this I decided to go on a 21km bike ride around the city. It took about as much time as I assume running 10km would have taken. It was also super fun to see that much more of the city and good to sweat again. I felt as though I literally biked around the entire city!
UntitledHappy Saturday. Don’t forget everyone tomorrow is mother’s day.


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