So Monday evening while cleaning up around the house I stepped in some water and bailed. Now falling in embarrassing situation is something I am unfortunately all too familiar with, but this time I was down for the count, well I was until I realized it was 4:30pm and I really had to be going for my Kettlebell class.

I rolled and bruised my ankle/foot. My first thought was “oh god I was planning on doing a 13k loop this week for the race!” followed by “it’s just rolled walk it off”. Totally rational first thoughts right?

So after peeling myself off the floor attempting to put some pressure on it and being in pain I decided that the best thing to do was to go to kettlebells and work through the pain. Being as responsible as I am informed the instructor of my potential injury and then toughed it out for 60minutes. Which as it turned out was surprisingly probably not the best idea I’ve ever had.

Waking up Tuesday to pouring rain I realized bike riding to work was out of the question, so walking the 2.1km to work it was (which turned out to be as bad an idea as kettlebells). By the end of the day I had given in to the pain and decided to cab home. Now taking the advice of my loved ones I decided that Wednesday I would be taking it easy if I ever wanted the chance to heal up for my run on the 26th.

So as it turns out staying off my foot, letting it heal, and giving all the supporting muscles which had been working triple time to keep me walking a break had been the best idea I had.  Although, I kept thinking “maybe just a couple lunges today” “perhaps I can still go to my kettlebell class tonight” and “a plank won’t hurt anyone”.  Pushing away my natural instinct to keep moving I sat my butt on the couch all day with my leg elevated icing it. With the extra TLC the swelling has gone down completely and I am now left with nothing but some bruises and tight muscles.  I am still walking a little funny, but not in constant pain so I can only read that as a good sign.

All of this to say, I guess the moral of this story is to learn to listen to your body. Something I can do in yoga, but something I have trained myself to ignore while running and training to run.  I mean as much as I love running sometimes you have to tell that little voice to quiet down so you can finish your last 2km.

So happy Thursday, and be kind to your bodies!!!


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