Throwing in the Towel

So as you are all aware I have been fighting with my feet and my orthotics for some time now. I actually got the torture inserts orthotics just a little over a year ago, and since receiving them I have not had one day where I could run blister free. The degree of blister has always varied.

I understand that with my ridiculous arches some intense correction was needed but I just don’t feel like it is normal to still be in this much pain on such a regular basis. I have thrown the white flag up in the air and I have given up, enough with you orthotics, and until the situation is corrected I will be running without them. Orthotics be gone!
orthotic_ucblIs this the best choice? Possibly not, but I have a 10k race coming up on the 26th of May, and if I can’t run for more than 3.5kilometers without monster blisters forming on the bottom of my feet, despite my best efforts, I feel like it is time to throw in the towel on the orthotics.

Don’t worry I have an appointment with my foot doctor lady this Friday to discuss my issues again, in the mean time I still need to run, so I will just be doing it without the orthotics. The last time I brought them in for the same issue I was told that it was possible I would need to correct the problem with motion control shoes, although I am not thrilled about the prospect of having to purchase new (possibly hideous) running shoes so soon after just having purchased this pair, if it will help my knees and hips and leave my poor feet unscathed I will do it.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that the Glide and double knit socks I purchased have definitely helped. My left foot is 100% blister free, it is my right foot (which has always been the issue) that is still acting up. Although I am still getting blisters they are not nearly as awful as they had been without the socks and the glide. So if you are looking for a blister fix I strongly recommend the socks and the glide.

Have a great Monday, if you’re in the Ottawa area get out there and enjoy the weather, we are supposed to be getting up to 21 degrees this afternoon, and then rain the rest of the week enjoy the sun while you can!


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