Return of the Outdoors

It is officially that time of the year again. Although it is still a little chilly out, mostly due to humidity, the return of outdoor activities is in full swing. Besides the regular running outdoors (which I started sometime ago) other activities are starting to come back just begging good weather to come back to our fine city.
Untitled The local downtown Lululemon puts on a weekily yoga on Parliament Hill every summer during lunch. It is an amazing way to break up the week and breakup your day. Particularly for extremely stressful days, there is nothing like getting an hour of outdoors time and practicing yoga on the grace with 100 other people.
Untitled The yoga classes are 60minutes long and taught by instructors from around the city. It is fun because from week to week the style is different and you get to test out different varieties of yoga that perhaps you otherwise wouldn’t have chosen to do had you been paying for it, oh did I mention these yoga sessions are FREE! Yes free, that isn’t a typo. If you have never practiced yoga outside I STRONGLY recommend testing these Wednesday lunch time sessions out if you are in the area.
UntitledHope you are enjoying this super awesome shot of my feet…it was taken while I was in downward dog…total talent on my part.
UntitledUntitledAnother outdoor activity I am taking part in is a kettlebell class and as promised note the photo above. Unfortunately, the kettlebell sessions only come in groups of four so they will be done soon, but it is another excuse for me to play outside. I mean who wouldn’t think swinging around ridiculously heavy medieval looking objects would be a good time, and then couple it with being outdoors and you basically have a party!

What is your favorite summer outdoor activity?


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