Keepin’ it brief

So I will be keeping this blog post extremely short. Two good friends of mine are getting married today and I have some running around to do before the big event.
Today will be packed full of love, excitement and celebrating and I am just bursting with happiness for my friends!

Tomorrow I will be attending a yoga class of a friend of mine in the AM. She just wrapped up her yoga teacher training and now in order to earn her stripes has to teach a class. I am so pumped for her and exited to see what type of class she puts together. It will be nice to mellow Sunday morning with a yoga session.
And then Monday. Oh how excited I am for Monday. About a month ago my running buddy saw a Groupon for a Kettlebell fitness class and decided we were going to test it out. The Groupon includes four classes focused on kicking your butt and teaching you how I properly and safely use a Kettlebell. I have seen the kettlebells laying around the gym but have been too afraid of hurting myself to grab one and go for it. It will be fun to learn something new to hopefully mix into the routine.

So this is my quick weekend round up. I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.


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