Several months in the making this weekend couldn’t have turned out better!

The weather cooperated, the faces they were surprised, and the company was incredible!  This past Thursday on the 19th of April my sister turned 30, which in my books is a pretty big deal.
Friday after work I made my way to the airport and then onto Edmonton to surprise my sister. I hadn’t been back to Edmonton since my other sister got married a few years back so it was pretty fun to see Edmonton and St. Albert again,and see how the city has transformed, but anyways.

So my brother and his girlfriend picked me up from the airport and the plotting of ideas began. There were so many ways of surprising her so we narrowed down which one would be the best. It was decided that my dad would pick me up the following morning and bring me over to her house, under the guise of needing some computer help. Then BLAMO surprise! The surprise was great, the look of shock and confusion on her face was just priceless, and I can’t believe I didn’t have my camera out to take a picture.

The rest of the weekend was action packed family fun and we started off with some girl shopping. Although the West Edmonton Mall is overwhelming to say the least it was great getting those extra hours with sisters, my brother’s girlfriend and my mom were all worth it. And heck I got to see the big ship in the middle of the mall again!

In my opinion the weekend ended too quickly and my visit was too short, but my last day was packed with fun and memories. My morning started off with a run with my dad, this was probably one of the biggest highlights. As a kid I used to run with my dad all the time, so getting to go on a 5k with him around the city I grew up in was one of the most fun things I have done in a while.
UntitledThen the day was wrapped up with some more sibling time hang outs.

All in all it was great weekend!  One that I can’t wait to repeat in two months when I get married and have my family with me again!


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