War on Blisters

After a particularly frustrating afternoon dealing with Canada Post (they lost my wedding shoes) I was in need of a drink so to speak. Although, heading to a patio for a “cold one” sounded like a great idea at the time I decided that in the long run (get it run! Hah) it would be in my best interest to hit the pavement and go on a nice long run.

Still recovering from some particularly brutal blisters from last week – please note I wanted to put some pictures up but my fiancé pleaded with me not to– the War on Blisters is still ongoing.

Feeling like my blisters from last Friday had adequately healed I decided it was time to try out the glide and new socks I had purchased from the running room.
Gobbing on the glide blister preventer like no ones business and putting on the double knit socks I felt like I was finally starting to get a handle on this war, nearing victory even, but I calmed myself as I had yet to lace up.

Geared up and ready to go I selected a playlist, got my iMapmyrun app going and set out for a 8km run. Confident in my new socks I didn’t see the point in taking it easy and I had so much “I despise Canada Post” sentiment left over that I figured I could use the kilometers.

Kilometers 1 through 4 were awesome, feet were feeling fine and the humidity wasn’t getting to me so bad. It was at 5.5km that I felt it, my socks and glide were losing the war. Begging my feet to hold on for just a couple more km I pushed on. Having to take a couple more walking breaks because of the blisters and humidity, my time wasn’t as great as I had hoped but once arriving home and inspecting my blisters a small victory was had.

As it turns out I hadn’t let the blisters heal enough so it was mainly irritation of the old blisters that had caused me pain. So I haven’t given up in the glide and fancy socks, this battle is far from over.

All in all I think the socks combined with the blister stick or glide was pretty impressive, my feet felt great for most of the run, it was just towards the end and my already sensitive feet that did me in.  Still the blisters are no where as bad as they have been in the past so I am definitely hopeful that I will win this.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Happy Thursday evening.


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