In Betweens

Right now in Ottawa the weather is getting to the point where most of the time it is really nice out. But then there are dips, windy days, rainy days and general all over the place weather. I have pretty much decided that these in between seasons are the worst. It’s not quite spring not quite cold enough to be considered winter and it is definitely not summer. I often wish we could jump over spring and head right into summer, get a couple more months of +25 degree weather, I mean heck I even like the humidity that comes with it. But alas we all have a couple more weeks to wait until it starts being beautiful out on a regular basis, and the sun is shining earlier and longer so I really shouldn’t complain.

This morning’s workout was super fun! Yesterday, I had decided to swim to give my legs a break before my afternoon run with my running buddy, so today I decided to kick my butt with some weights today.

So relying on the good old NTC app I decided to do a “get toned” workout followed by 10minutes on the rowing machine. Now on the rowing machine I don’t generally do anything fancy, I just row and try and keep good posture, I don’t even put in a program, I just click on the “Just Row” option and go for it until my arms and abs feel a bit like jelly.

As for my full body work out it looked something like this, the work out was extremely fun, maybe I was just loving the weights more than normal but I had a blast.

Let's Tone Up

Just a disclaimer the workout as described in the app did not require weights or any equipment at all, I added the weights to give me an extra push, so you could totally do this workout at home if you had no equipment.

In other very exciting and delicious news yesterday I was introduced to probably the most amazing and delicious thing ever! When ordering a morning protein shake at the gym the other day they had run out of vanilla protein powder – which is my go to as I find most protein powders are totally disgusting, especially anything fruit related. So, the gentlemen offered up several other flavours but the one which caught my attention was the Cookies and Cream! ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME! I mean that just sounds delicious, decadent and amazing. Well, it totally lived up to my expectations, my fiancé and I couldn’t get enough of it and immediately decided that we would attempt to replicate the flavour.

Having just purchased a Costco sized container of vanilla protein I couldn’t justify getting the cookies and cream also, otherwise I would have been raiding every store in town to get my hands on this delicious stuff. So this morning in an attempt to recreate the delicious that was served to me yesterday I came up with quiet the delicious shake!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake:
1 serving – Calories, Protein and Fat all depend on the protein and PB you are using.

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 cup water
1 heaping tbsp natural peanut butter
1 tsp cocoa

Blend well and serve. It wasn’t 100% like what I have received but it was still outrageously delicious. So much so there wasn’t even an opportunity for me to snap a shot of it.

Happy Hump Day!

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