Running Sores

So last week I slowly started increasing my run distance, I figured with under two months to go I should really start cranking it up.

As I increased I realized the problem wasn’t the distance or my endurance, but rather the monster blisters that have been developing from my orthotics.

I was warned that it might take some time because of the “aggressive” arch support, but it is starting to feel a little ridiculous.

I have tried many different methods. Band aids first, then duck tape, then duck tape and moleskin, running socks blah blah blah. After my latest run i was convinced that the blisters were actually being caused by the duck tape so I took it off half way through my run. I am not sure if that was a good idea or not. But in the end it seems that the damage had already been done.

Desperate to get to the bottom of this, I went to the Running Room to speak with one of their super knowledgeable staff – Just a side note, I love this place because the workers are all runners and are likely to have gone through the same issues. So during my visit it was suggested that I get some glide for women and some fancy double layer blister socks.
Now I have to wait for this blisters to mellow out but once they do I am ready to test this all out. I’ll Keep you informed of the outcome.

Happy Monday!


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