And all the little things

This week was a pretty quick one – for work at least. With only three days in the office and pretty decent weather I don’t have much if anything to complain about.

As mentioned previously I have been exploring my new Looneyspoons cookbook and I am totally in love. The recipes are low fat, most using whole foods and clean food and so far all so easy to make. Seeing I am slightly obsessed with the book right now I probably won’t be posting too many recipes, unless I make some pretty major changes to them, but I will continue to post pictures of the creations I make.

Here for example is some delicious dill and mustard chicken with orange infused bulgur salad with cranberries.
UntitledSeeing how I am on a food topic, here are some other pictures of some of my favorite snacks or breakfast meals.

This “protein snack” is completely amazing for when I forget my lunch or just have no food in the house. Fruits cheese, peanut butter, and two hard boils eggs! It is a perfect combination of delicious.

Some fruit salad. In my books no fruit salad is truly complete without pineapple, and this one had a ton of it.


And lastly one of the tastiest lunches I had this week. Organic tofu burgers with mustard and dill pickles in a whole wheat pita pocket. I am not sure if anyone has noticed a trend on the blog yet but I am totally obsessed with dill.
UntitledThis week I finally got around to testing out a new yoga studio.
Yoga studioI tested out one of their yoga classes for athletes, although I am not really an athlete my hips were in desperate need of stretching. The studio was great, staff was super friendly and the studios were decorated with awesome art and plants, I will for sure be going back for some more classes.

Well that is a quick caption of my week. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


2 thoughts on “And all the little things

  1. loneyspoons is the best! we had mac attack last night with broccoli and we are making the veg lasagna tonight.. the carrot soup is also delicious… and the chicken pot pie… oh, and the bananabomb muffins! 🙂 ttyl!

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