Long Weekends

Today marks the last day of my long weekend. Wanting to relish every moment I have left I work up nice and early at 7:45am, put an easy breakfast of left over ham and eggs into my.

Followed by some very stimulating and exciting cleaning. With the things I needed to do out of the way I settled in for a nice short 30minute NTC workout. The original plan was to do my long slow run today but it was chilly out and I completely despise running in the cold.

Now that all my cleaning and all of my working was done I was about ready to settle in for a nice relaxing day of movie watching. So far today has been extremely relaxing filled with bad movies and lots of cuddling with my kittens.
I hope everyone who had today off was able to enjoy it in the most perfect way for you.


2 thoughts on “Long Weekends

  1. what movies? sean and i are all cuddled in watching a marathon of “you gotta eat here” which is like the canadian version of “diners, drive-ins and dives”… we are going to pick a place to go for the may long weekend depending which canadian destination has the most tempting food!l

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