Running with Robots

Running with robots…seriously though how fun might that be. Your own little personal robot trainer, you input what you would like to achieve and then you have your little robot buddy to push you to meet your goals. It would probably be expensive though.

I have mentioned (in my last post) that I was having a hard time finding my motivation button when it came to running. In an effort to find my kick start valve I enlisted the help of a good friend and an amazing runner. So yesterday I attempted my first run with someone who is a much stronger runner than I am, this is not the first time I have done this in my life, but it is the first time I have done this since I used to run/train with my dad when I was like 10. It was fun to see my limits and my abilities, and to find the line where my stubbornness gives in to physical limitations.

At some points in the 5k loop we did it even felt like I was running with this guy:

Speaking of the run afterwards I may have given the impression that the lunch time run i had just participated in was the most horrific thing in the world but it was the complete opposite. I was definitely exhausted, and a little sore (my ego at least) but from all of it I think I was mostly extremely encouraged to keep going.

I often help friends with their runs, and help to push them, and now I have a bit more understanding when it comes to them saying they need a walk break. Although, I do think I will keep pushing them, I won’t push them as hard, because yesterday when I said I needed to walk oh man did I ever need to walk! It is always nice to see how things are on the other side of the coin.

Understanding that I will not become a human robot machine runner over night, I am definitely willing to keep with it and one day just one day maybe I will be able to keep up with her. From this short run I have definitely achieved some renewed motivation, it might be coming from a place of pure stubbornness but right now I will take just about anything.

After this challenging run, and what felt like one of the longest work days of life, some girlfriends and I went out for a drink, some much needed chatty time, and some overall catching up at this new place called Grounded, if I didn’t have delicious homemade falafels being made for me I would have definitely indulged in some of the food. The menu looks incredible and it smelt amazing in there. But alas we were only there for a couple of drinks, so next time I will have to test out the menu. I wish I had also taken some more pictures of the inside the decor was awesome, in my books at least.
Post work drinks

Although I didn’t get to order anything at Grounded the Falafels (courtesy of my fiance) were totally delicious, but I was so starved that I just ate them up and didn’t take a picture. I have take some of the left over falafels with me for lunch to make a salad, I am sure they will be just as delicious as they were yesterday. The recipe we used was from the wonderful Looneyspoons cookbook. Although we were missing some spices, and didn’t so much measure out the garlic, they were totally delicious! I would definitely make and eat them again!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far, and is looking forward to the long Easter weekend, I know I am. Happy Wednesday!


3 thoughts on “Running with Robots

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  2. Please note that the Road Runner you have featured is smiling, I think that’s key when pushing yourself. It’s cheesy but in a yoga video I use, at a tough part the instructor says “Smiling makes the body stronger”, and it’s so true 🙂 Good job, B!

    • Nice, I like what you took out of that picture. And you are definitely right on the money, although I was definitely dying a little yesterday I was loving most minutes of it 🙂

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